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Start Up Ideas shared on the Smart Up Conference

Did you miss the Second Smart Up Conference? Are you curious to read the ideas that the participants of the first Start Up Academy shared in front of the audience? All presented ideas were developed during the first Start Up Academy. The open call for the second Start Up academy is open. If you have idea that you want to develop, be fast and apply. Below are described all shared business ideas:

  • Maja Ilievska presented her business idea that turned out into a real business. She is founder of the startup “Domino The Effect”, advertising company that promotes its clients through delivery materials. She said: “People are watching TV and reading newspapers less than before. Also, not all target groups can be reached through the traditional media and not all companies can afford promotion on TV. I have decided to make a space for advertising on the pizza box because my research showed that people pay more attention on this type of advertising”.
  • Darko Nikolovski guided by his humanity, has an idea to open an online second hand platform “Sell&Share” where people can sell different things and the money of the sold items would be indented for charitable purposes. Meanwhile he is searching for an investor for his business idea. By the audience he was asked: “How an investor can be interested to invest in a business that has no return?”. Nikolovski answered: “I am looking for an investor that is guided by the same purposes as me and who is willing to help the society”.
  • Simona Ristovska has a passion in doing crafts as jewelry that she turned into a business. One year ago she opened her on-line jewelry shop “Si Accessories”. She is designing unique handmade accessorize that aims to satisfy women’s needs. She is aware that most of the women want to try the jewelry before to make a decision if they want to buy it. So, her next step is to open a real store and she is looking for investors that believe that her business is worth for investing.


  • Goran Mojanoski wants to start a business which would produce and pack various types of fresh juices that would be delivered in the biggest bakeries in town. By selling this product to the bakeries he aims to offer a healthy supplement in people’s breakfast or lunches.
  • Olivera Kostovska has an idea to open a laundry shop that offers fast washing and drying of clothes, a perfect solution for students, tourists and fast leaving group of people. In less than an hour all the customers can get their clean and dry clothes, and meanwhile they can drink a coffee in the “Laundry café”, read a book in the lounge area or just walk around. She said: “This is not a breakthrough innovation; this is a business that aims to satisfy the market needs”. With this idea she already has participated to several conferences in few countries.
  • Zoran Nasteski has a perfect solution that will help the companies to have control to their financial statements on daily bases, control of the money that being spent in each sector of the companies, and control on the personal accounts of the owners of the companies. He is developing a cell phone application that will provide all this opportunities. But for the further development he needs support by business people that think that this application is a great business idea that has to be realized.


  • Aleksandar Iloski plans to make the first Macedonian designed toothpaste squeezer “Just squeeze”. The squeezer would be offered at local stores or as a promotional gift by already established brands. He said: “This squeezer would save your money, because almost 13% of the toothpaste is not used and goes in garbage”. An investor in the public advanced him the squeezer not to be made only for toothpaste and that he can try to make a bottle squeezer
  • Milan Mitkovski has an idea to open a pet house “Petgarten” that would offer safe place for different type of pets when their owners are not able to look after them. He also pointed that the busy life and the obligations that people have, discourage them to adopt a pet. This house would solve people’s problems and would provide full service to the pets.
  • Aleksandra Stojanovska at the beginning of her pitch said: “I am the girl whose business idea failed. Now I am working for someone else, but I don’t feel that I am less valuable than the others.” Aleksandra had a motivational speech and was speaking in the name of all those that have tried but didn’t succeed. She has an idea to open hostel in the Old Bazaar in Skopje, but is aware that for its realization she needs a lot of money. Said that she didn’t give up and that sometimes we have to walk the hard path in order to achieve what we want. We wish her luck.
  • Aleksandar Poposki has an excellent idea. He wants to develop advertising application that would promote the companies trough augmented reality. Most of the participants on the conference did not know what augmented reality means. He said: “Imagine that you are walking in the city center and on your cell phone you get a notification that informs you about a discount in a shop that is far from the centre. If you accept the “challenge” to follow the path on the application, visit the store and by something you would get a discount for the product.” He pointed that this type of advertising is more personal, and helps the costumers to experience the brand on more unusual way.




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