SWT Checklist

Have you considered going to the USA on the Summer Work and Travel Program this summer? If you answered YES, than it is time for you to start planning. Consider the opportunities that are offered and gather the necessary documents. First off all check whether you are eligible to apply for such programs.

  • Are you full-time university enrolled student or enrolled in other post secondary education institution?
  • Is the course you are enrolled to two years in duration?
  • Are you proficient at English?

Fulfilling the eligibility lead you to the next step where you can decide at which state you would like to work and travel. Do not forget that you can stay in the States up to four months and you can spend 30 days for travelling after you have finished your working responsibilities.Next on your list is to explore the Summer Work and Travel agencies operating in Macedonia.

After finding the appropriate agency, consider what job you are willing and capable of performing. The necessary information regarding the employees can be found here.The prices for the programs range from $500 to $1200 and it all depends on the type of the job you are applying for and whether you are applying for Placement or Self Arranged program.

Speaking about costs, you should also consider the starting budget that you need. When applying for J-1 visa you need to have $160 for the application process. If everything goes well during the interview, you should start packing and also book airplane ticket that costs between $800 and $1100. Also when you arrive in the US you should have around $800 available in order to cover your living expenses before you receive your first paycheck.

Ones you arrive in the USA, you cannot forget about your sponsor and also the responsibilities that you will need to fulfill during your stay and after you come back. Everything that you need to know about your sponsors can be found here.

Summing up this is the check list that you need to follow:

  • Check your eligibility status
  • Chose your destination and agency
  • Chose the employer, sponsor and position
  • Apply for J-1 visa
  • Book your flight
  • Have a nice time in USA


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