“First Things First” Youth Exchange in Vilnius, Lithuania

7 SWT Alumni were part of Erasmus + youth exchange project in Vilnius, Lithuania organized by Lobi? dirbtuv?s. After the first couple of days the participants have met for a first time and had the opportunity to get more familiar with each other while exploring different parts of Vilnius.  After the 3rd day of the project, the seminar was dedicated to skills improvement and experience sharing. litvanija3They had the chance to learn from each another, witness the importance of teamwork and the interconnection between the nature, society and the human behavior. This was accomplished by the means of a business negotiation game, workshops where they danced, had a chance to learn basics of a new language as well as dive into the world of creativity and recycling by making art pieces and candles out of used paper and wax.litvanija4

Also this YE brought flavors from miscellaneous cuisines cooked by participants, spiced up by good music and lots of fun.



USA Summer Work & Travel Alumni Macedonia (SWT Alumni) is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by an independent group of students to exercise, care and align their interests and beliefs, as well as for performing the activities and interventions aimed at improving and promoting the position and status of the students who were, are and will be part of the USA Summer Work & Travel Program.

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