Executive Board

The Executive Board is consisted of the following members:


Despina Dimitrova
Despina Dimitrova was born in Skopje, 1992. She completed his primary and secondary education in her home town. In 2011, she become a student at the Dental Faculty, University of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius ” in Skopje, where she graduated in June 2016.
In 2011 she has actively involved at H.E.R.A trough the project “My choice, my decision” in which was worked on a theatre based education-forum theatre. Later she joins the peer education program at H.E.R.A. and begins as a peer educator for HIV / AIDS. Since then, she is actively involved in the work of the youth group of H.E.R.A where plans and implement activities related to youth and their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Her field of interest are human rights, advocacy and lobbing for sexual rights for the young people in Macedonia.
In 2013 she represents the youth as a speaker on a youth conference for “The access to modern contraception for the young people in Macedonia”. The very next year, 2014, she takes the place as a youth speaker and represent once again on the conference same year.
Ongoing is her second term as a Board member of H.E.R.A. and from December 2016 she officially became an intern at HERA.
 She is actively involved in the project “Young volunteers as activist and educators”. Her efforts are focused on advocacy activities related to the introduction of the comprehensive sexuality education in Macedonia and access to services and contraception of every young girl and women. Despina has been playing a crucial role in motivating young people and ensuring their participation in all process within HERA.
Tamara Ilievska
Tamara Ilievska is born on 23.09.1995 in Skopje. She finished high school in the French biligual class in Orce Nikolov and is currently doing her studies in marketing at the Faculty of Economics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje. During her studies, she took part in one-semester exchange in Ljubljana, Slovenia as a CEEPUS scholarship receiver.
As a part of the French bilingual class she took part in three exchange programs with Romania and France, she was the Macedonian representative at the World Forum in Lille in 2012 and has won the Generation Bilingue competition organized by the Institut français in Paris in 2014.
She was an active member in Aiesec Skopje for two years, first as a team member, then as a team leader in marketing and then working as a marketing support team on national level. In addition, she was a Red Cross volunteer for more than 5 years and a Junior Local Ambassador in Girls in tech Macedonia for two years.
Tamara has been involved in the Erasmus + program for two years now as a participant in more than 10 training courses, seminars and youth exchanges and is currently committed to becoming a non-formal education trainer/facilitator in order to spread the knowledge and experience she has gained through this program.
Her other activities include being volunteer in Skopje Street Festival 2015 as well as participation in summer camps such as Luethi Peterson in Norway and  Rempart in France.
Always looking on the bright side of things, optimistic and ambitious, her motto in life is: You create your own reality, since Tamara believes that we should always fight for our opportunities, and where there are none- create them.
Monika Sazdova

 Monika Sazdova was born in Veles in 1993. She is currently a student at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje, where she is enrolled in her last year of the study program “Doctors for Dental Medicine”. In addition to her formal education, she’s been actively involved in the NGO sector since 2010. Through out the years she was member of several youth-led organizations, where she had been involved in as volunteer, activist, debater, debate lecturer, facilitator, etc.

Her participation in more than 30 national and international projects, training courses, exchanges, camps, conferences and seminars gave her the experience, skills and knowledge needed for her development as youth worker.She became part of SWT Alumni Macedonia in 2015. In the moment she is working in the Erasmus + Sector as Sending Officer and Erasmus + Coordinator, coordinating projects for external programs and mobility.Besides the formal and non-formal education, she is showing interests in photography, swimming and travel.Monika has been part of the “USA Work and Travel” program in 2016, where she has been living and working in Cape Code, MA. She will be part of the program again this year.

Dimce Micevski

Dimche Micevski  has a master degree in Marketing Communications from the University American College Skopje. He has been involved in the non-formal education and has a playground as participant/facilitator/trainer. He has a 3 year experience in the NGO and youth sector as his journey started participating in Startup Academy2  – entrepreneurship academy organized by SWT Alumni  teaching how to open your own business. After that,he was project assistant in the following events: (Startup academy 3 , Smart up conference, and project coordinator at Kick off picnic 3, Career launch 1 and Career launch 2. He was  PR & Communications person for the NGO.He enriched his experience by attending  many international events as training courses and conferences and being  SWT alumni ambassador around Europe while making new partnerships.. Through his commitment  in non-formal education he tries to spread the message of “Change in society starts from yourself” to the young people and  to motivate professional and personal growth.

Besides his non-formal engagement, he  works  in consulting company as a business consultant where he sends support for local businesses and follows the global trends.Also he is showing high interests in philanthropy, youth activism, arts. Mr. Micevski has been part of the “USA Work and Travel” program in 2011 and he has been living in North Conway, NH. He strongly recommends this experience to every student since, as he says, that will take them out of their comfort zone which will contribute to their development.

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