SWTA Council

The Executive Board  of SWT Alumni established The SWTA Concil, so the main program tasks and decisions can be conducted. SWTA Concil controls the implementation of the Statute’s regulations and is taking control over the fund’s disposal and the revenues of the organization. The SWTA Concil has also a counseling function concerning the implementation and organization of the activities, projects, and SWTA’s initiatives.

Each decision made by the Concil is later submitted to the SWTA Assembly and Executive Board. The Concil meets at least two times in a year and only when it is necessary.

The Concil is consisted of : The SWTA founders, US Embassy representatives and Work & Travel Agencies’s representatives. The Concil’s decisions are taken by a majority of votes. Each involved part, whether is The Founders, US Embassy representatives or the Work & Travel Agencies’s representatives, has the right of one cumulative vote. Or more simply said, each of the groups internally makes a decision and later represents its view in front of the Assembly.

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