­­­­­­­Our activities are oriented towards the interest of our members. We could divide them into three groups: activities for temporary members, activities for permanent members and activities opened for wider public.

Activities for Permanet Members:

Our primary goal is to bring together the SWT alumni into vocational networks which would help them develop business and personal relationships between themselves. We would stimulate the alumni members to give support and share their positive examples and experiences with the new-comers.

The activities for permanent members consist in carrier orientated workshops and trainings in order to expand their knowledge and professional development. The members can participate in different conferences, seminars, but also they could be part of our numerous trainings suitable to their personal education and former experience. SWTA Macedonia will be trying to stimulate Youth Activism among its members, but on the other hand will encourage self-employment through establishing a business planning workshops and competitions.

Activities for Temporal Members:

The activities for our Temporal Members consist of helpful and interactive workshops, dialog coffees and trainings on different subjects connected to W&T Program, such as J-1 visa interview simulations, presentations for the American way of living and what to do after arriving in the US etc. Also these members will be able to participate in the 5 months Preparation Program, which would follow all application stages necessary for the Work and Travel Program. Additionally they could choose to be part of any other short lasting projects.

Activities for Wider Public:

The activities opened to a wider public are going to be community oriented and humanitarian activities such as: donating clothes to orphanages, helping the socially vulnerable families etc. Having in mind that most of our members have experienced the American way of celebrating national holidays, SWTA Macedonia will be organizing different holiday celebrations which would be organized in American spirit.

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