SWTA Macedonia is an Alumni Association which covers almost 1% of the population of Macedonia. The number of students who were and will be engaged in the Work & Travel Program increases every year. This means that our organization will grow constantly.

There are two types of membership: Permanent Long Lasting and a Temporal – Short Term. The Permanent membership is eligible for SWT alumni, people who have already been to the Work & Travel Program once or many times. This membership starts when a potential member submits the application form (here) and pays the single, one-time membership fee of 600 MKD. This membership is a lifelong membership and it will end whenever the member decides to finish his/her participation in our organization.

The Temporal membership is planned to be a one year long membership and it is given to all the students who plan to go to the W&T Program the following summer for the first time. The single symbolic membership fee for this membership is 300 MKD.

Additionally we are planning to give rewards to Honored Membership for the people who have helped the Association during its work. This membership may also be awarded to alumni who have achieved a certain success in our Organization.

All the activities which our Association organize are oriented towards our different membership groups. In order to get more information about our activities please go to Activities.

Which are the steps you should take to become our member?

1. You need to fulfill and submit our Membership application (here)

2. When you get a confirmation mail for us, you should pay the membership fee

PP-10 popolneta

3. Get the membership card from our alumni organization

And last, but not at least, a common benefit for all participants is the so called membership discount program. The main point of this program is to find the SWT alumni who have businesses of their own. They could join our club and give certain discount for our members. Until now we have contacted more than 10 companies which agreed to be our supporters and gave us dissent discounts. If you are one of those SWT alumni who has a business of your own, please contact us on !!!!

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