Opportunities through prism of conflict

Two members of SWTA, Emir Slezovikj as a trainer and Aleksandar Dimeski as a participant, were part of “Opportunities through prism of conflict”. It was a 7 day (03-07 June) youth exchange taking place in Poronin, Poland and organised by the Polish organization “Fundacija Mlodzi dla Europy” funded the by Erasmus+ program. The project gathered…


КОНКУРС за Sending Officer на СВТ Алумни Скопје

за избор на координатор за екстерни програми и мобилност – Sending Officer на СВТ Алумни Скопје Кандидатите треба да ги исполнуваат следните услови: Да е на возраст од 18 до 25 години Одлично познавање на англиски јазик(пишување и говорење) Искуство со Еразмус Плус програмата и неформалното образование ќе се смета за предност Најмалку еднаш да…


Summer Dance Camp in Dojran!!!

Dancers with Down Syndrome from the dance studio DansersUnitedMK received a check of 51.415 denars by Summer Work & Travel Alumni held a Summer Dance Camp in Dojran, where through dance and socializing have refined their dancing abilities. The donation was realized through the charity event organized for this purpose “3 Kikc oFF Picnic“.  …


6th Semi Annual ENAM Conference

On June 12, the 6th ENAM semi annual conference was held in Rome, Italy. The topic of the conference was “Smart Cities for a better Europe”. Right before the conference the 3rd ENAM General Assembly meeting was held, on which Marko Georgievski represented SWTA. The Assembly brainstormed on the topic of “Smart Cities”. Sir Martin Sorrell,…



Two participants from SWTA were part of a training course in Bernati, Latvia from 28th May – 7th June 2015. “Embodied Leadership” organized by the Latvian Organization “Piepildito Sapnu Istaba” was a 9 days training in which the main goal was to increase competences for responsible, emphatic and effective leadership. There were participants from Latvia, Italy,…



This project was part of the Erasmus+ youth exchange program which was held in Krosnice, Poland. There were participants from Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Macedonia, Hungary and Italy. The main purpose of this project was cultural youth exchange through traditional food preparation and storytelling between the participants. During the program, teams were created and during the…


Хуманоста не познава граници

Особено сме горди на искуството и вредностите кои ги шириме организирајќи го овој настан неколку години по ред. Како алумнисти на прво-формираната Summer Work & Travel организација во светот, по трет пат ви го најавуваме Kick Off Picnic-от кој ќе се организира на 17 Мај во Градски парк кај Школка, со почеток во 11:30 часот….


SWTA merged the cultures!

Another proof that stresses out SWTA’s driving force to support different cultures and nationalities is the participation of SWTA’s member in the training course “Merge the cultures with dialogue”. Urim Hasallari participates in the training course that took place in Istanbul. Through this 8 days training course Urim has improved his abilities to established dialogue…