W&T Program

The USA Summer Work and Travel Program is State Department supported Cultural Exchange Program and it is directed towards post-secondary students enrolled full time and pursuing studies at a post secondary accredited academic institutions located outside the United States who come to the United States to work and travel during their summer vacation.So you have to be registered as a full-time student at a university or other institution of post-secondary education. The course you are enrolled to must be at least two years in duration. The post-graduate studies, lasting less than two years (i.e. masters courses), are also eligible.

Additionally the Program requires sufficiently proficiency in English to successfully interact in an English speaking environment, but also because the student would directly face with customers, co-workers and managers who mostly speak only English.

Students could participate in the USA Summer Work & Travel program for up to four months during their summer holiday. They could travel for up to 30 days after their work experience. Students are eligible to work at resorts, hotels, restaurants, stores, theme parks, and national parks etc. Students must return to their home country prior to the start date of their university or college.

The first thing a student need to do if he/she is interested in applying for this program is to decide what he/she would like to do and where would he/she want to go in the US. Once these two things are decided he/she must make a research and find the best Summer Work and Travel Agency in his/her country. There are 11 Agencies operating in Macedonia. (for more information about the agencies operating in Macedonia please check here)

If a preferred job and an Agency are chosen his/her should contact them and they would guide him/her through all the steps of the program. Please keep in mind that the prices for the program vary, so they might go from $600 to $1200. It all depends when and how is the student applying for the program. There are two types of applying: Placement – the Agency connects the student with the employer and arranges all the procedures; Self – if a student fins his/her summer job in the US by him/herself. Also the traveling and visa costs are not included in this amount. The J-1 visa cost $160 and the round trip airline ticket costs from $800 up to $1100. Keep in mind that many times a participant would be required to bring some amount of money (usually around $800) to be able to cover the expenses before he/she gets the first paycheck. This period may less from two weeks up to a whole month.

It’s possible to work anywhere in the U.S. as long as the job you find is approved by your sponsor agency and as long as you get the proper DS-2019 form. You might find a job on your own or with assistance from your local representative, or you can use some of the local agencies listed above.

Work & Travel USA program gives you a chance to be much more than a worker and a tourist. It will give you the opportunity to experience the American way of living by working side-by-side with locals. It’s a real American experience that also helps cover travel expenses once you finish with your working contract. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest ways to discover the United States and broaden your horizons.

For any further information about the program and our organization, please contact us on contact@swtalumnimk.com !!!

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