If it is popular to call the Sponsor Agencies participants’ mothers, then the Employers and the Co-workers are the rest of their Family. The Employer should provide participants the number of hours of paid employment per week as identified on the job offer and agreed to when the sponsor gave the jobs. On the other hand the Co-workers should help the students to accommodate to the new environment easily, but also they are responsible to train the students, so that they could become important part of the company.

Depending on the agreement, the employer has to pay the participant the agreed hourly rate, but also he should pay those participants eligible for overtime worked in accordance with applicable state or federal laws. Even though most of the students are not used to the concept of overtime, this segment one of the most important in the program. Violation of the overtime payment could lead to an issue which could cost the employer a lot.

Another very important duty of all employers is to protect the students from any kind of harassment while they are at their working place. Any kind of harassment, especially on underage participants is highly forbidden and punishable.

Right upon the student’s arrive, at the work site at the beginning of his/her program, the employer is obligated to notify the sponsors. Also he is responsible to inform the Sponsor if there are any changes or deviations in the job placements during the participant’s program. Additionally when participants are not meeting the requirements of job placements or when they leave their position ahead of their planned departure the employer has to inform the Sponsor too.

The security of the students is of a great importance in this program. Therefore the Employer should immediately contact the Sponsor if an event of any emergency involving participants or any situation that impacts the welfare of the student itself.

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